OPPO Released ‘Always-on Moment’ Videos and Launched ‘Perfect Companion’ Campaign in Various Regions


The smartphone sector has seen a sharp rise in competitiveness. Innovation in customer service and total customer experience are equally important to innovations in products and technology. Customers benefit from a better customer journey and experience as a result, and their perception of the brand is also strengthened. A brand may keep devoted users while upholding a strong reputation by improving the customer experience.

OPPO launched three video clips in June and July of this year that were sourced from actual users in various nations, and the videos were well received by users. A chance meeting tells the tale of a repairman who assists an Uber driver in locating and resolving GPS issues while still on standby, sitting in his car, in contrast to the first video, Together We Create, which depicted the experience of elderly users who had learned how to use smartphones with the assistance of service advisors. The final video, titled Reunion, contrasts this by demonstrating how an OPPO service representative returned the phone to the customer who had encountered unique circumstances. The videos illustrated how OPPO engages with its customers by overcoming commonplace problems.

Every story has demonstrated how OPPO’s service ethos, “Care & Reach,” attempts to continually lower the barrier between consumers and OPPO goods by providing users with straightforward “How-to” instructions and the ease that comes with cutting-edge technology.

Additionally, OPPO held its “Perfect Companion in June” offline events in Malaysia, the Philippines, Pakistan, Egypt, Tunisia, and other nations and regions. These events urged users to bring their elderly parents to OPPO Service Centers so that they can get their questions about cell phone use answered or fully understand a new device feature.

They had the option of going with their parents to perform free software updates and maintenance on their gadgets. The month-long promotion encouraged customers to give their elderly parents more attention and company by enhancing the way they utilise their smartphones. With the assistance of the OPPO service team, many elder parents were able to solve a variety of smartphone usage issues and learn about many useful and intriguing phone features at this event.

By enabling the elder generation to manage their devices and show that they, too, are tech-savvy, this project has shown how dedicated OPPO is to providing thoughtful services and a hassle-free user experience. The goal of these projects is to help OPPO fulfil its commitment to making sure that consumers get the most use possible out of their OPPO Products.


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